a quiet mind

i've been contemplating meditation lately.  not so much weighing out the pros and cons, seeing as how there are no cons that I am aware of, but considering the commitment... finding a starting point and fully dedicating myself to that moment each day.  probably in the morning before the chaos of life rolls in, in the form of a rousing two year old.  i even had my yoga instructor privately guide me through a meditation during our last practice.  it was elevating and soothing and wonderful.  "i want this every day," i told her.  so what a coin-ki-dink that i should run across the following in my latest issue of self magazine.  i really look forward to their last-page tidbits.

we talk about the time we spend sitting, thinking and breathing in a guilty way.  as if the absence of action implies a lack of accomplishment.  but doing nothing is doing something.  by emptying your head of your usual to-dos, you create space for new ideas and experiences.  your mission this month: be still.  you'll build the launch pad for your next adventure.

i'm pretty sure this was a sign.  hello morning mediation!





i love the daily love.  it speaks to me.  as if the writers have a direct tap to my internal journal (ha!  "internal journal".  i'm a poet and didn't no it.)  and today's post was no different.    it was like a gong banging on my computer screen... to the tune of a negative co-worker.  and i figure, what's relevant for me might just be relevant for someone else too.  so here it is:

Those that challenge you the most are also your greatest teachers. Thank them, for they are the ones that call you to live your highest potential.
They are the opportunity for you to face yourself, your fears and those parts of you that you don’t like, for they will expose it.

They are the opportunity to see how you stop loving and to love bigger.

They invite you to live the books, your prayers and your spirituality.

Often when we are faced with a challenging individual, we get angry. We might defend our point, want to fight, be righteous, judge or collapse in fear.

Most of all those that challenge us, give us the opportunity to love.

But we must first shift our perception, how we view the situation and that person.

Here are some steps:

1 -Shift: See that person/situation as a gift. They are the opportunity for you to grow and love more.

2 – Let go: Give up being right and commit to being FREE. Nothing/No one is worth your happiness or peace. Life is way too short.

3 – Realize: They are reflecting something for you to see, a part of yourself that you need to own, an old wound that you get to heal and let go.

4 – Responsibility: Take the focus off of them, take responsibility and learn your lesson. Embrace it. Graduate from the experience and move on.

5 - Release: Accept the person exactly as they are. Perhaps that might mean you will need to let them go from your life or shift the dynamics of your relationship. Stop fighting what they are.

6 – Communicate: Either communicate with them directly if appropriate or simply bless them and let them go within your own heart. Since everything is energy and we are all interconnected, the good vibes that you send that person will affect them.

7 – Appreciate: Acknowledge your growth and learning. Focus on what you received, and the person you became as a result, rather than what was taken.

Remember: When someone attacks you, they are in a lot of pain. And even though it is directed at you, it most often isn’t about you. It isn’t personal, even though it seems that way and they might even feel that way.

You can choose to fight fire with fire, but this only creates more devastation. When someone attacks you, they want to engage you in a fight. If you attack back, you are now caught up in a vicious cycle.

Even if you win the fight… no one really wins. Let go. Focus on freedom and resolution.

It takes two people to fight. When you don’t engage the attack energy, soon your adversary will be left fighting with her/himself. Then the energy will dissipate.

If you drop to the level of your “attacker”, you perpetuate the cycle of endless negativity. Your “attacker” will try to use your energy to keep a war going. But if you don’t engage, then there is no resistance. They will have no fuel to keep fighting you with.

If someone gives you a gift, but you decline to accept it, to whom does the gift belong? It still belongs to the other person!

Rise above it. Disengage. Step to the side. Redirect. Live your freedom.

-- Kute Blackson

Preach on, Daily Love!


spreading light

Surround yourself with positive people – positive energy is infectious. When we surround ourselves with positive people their energy transfers to us as well – remember when a candle lights another candle it doesn’t lose its flame, it makes the room brighter.

-- Priya Sher via The Daily Love


No place like home

You know how much I love Charleston, right?  Refer here if you ever had any doubt! 

I got the chance to spend the day exploring my favorite cobblestone streets when my sister and two nephews came down for the weekend.  Considering they came to visit in May, i'm a little late on posting but who's counting?!  While the Dads played golf out on Kiawah Island (SO boring) I could think of no better place to take the boys than Waterfront Park.  A true Charleston gem - waterfront swings dangling from wooden arbors, cruise ships, sailboats, tool-arounds and the like all whizzing by, play-friendly water fountains and also the kinds that we just admire, grassy fields, pebble walkways draped with old oak trees, and the glistening Charleston Harbor.  Perfection! 

Man, I love this place!


of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother. - lin yutang

yesterday i....

- scored some serious snuggle time with my pillow and tucker while hubby took care of sully.  sleeping in 'til 9am... delightful

- woke to the smell of bacon (and a feast of other foods)

- got big morning hugs from my favorite little guy in the whole world

- also got 4 sweet cards and 2 thoughtful texts

- soaked up glorious sunshine and cool breezes all day

- was visited by my stepson

- did glitter crafts with the boys on the back porch after breakfast

- savored 2 solo hours at home with my coffee

- went flower shopping

- did a little landscaping

- strolled to the neighborhood pond with hubby, sully, and the fishing pole at dusk

- enjoyed lots of laughing

- even more "i love you's"

- and, for dinner, pigged out on my favorite burger in the world: five guys!

life is good. 
happy mother's day to all!